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Coffee Business Opportunity
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Coffee Business Motivation

What Makes You Get Up in the Morning?
Know Yourself

Here at Office Coffee Services, we'd like to know who you are. If you are reading this, you obviously have an interest and probably the intelligence to recognize a great opportunity when you see it. We're hoping you also have the necessary talent and motivation. We can teach you the rest. So, the main thing here is knowing yourself. Clearly defining who you are is a vital part of accurately accessing your goals with this company. In addition, having such insight can serve as a guide to developing a strategy uniquely yours while planning for success.

In any business, there are no absolute guarantees. However, we've done everything possible to help you succeed. The rest is up to you.
Coffee Business - Office Coffee Services
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What's Next?

You can improve your chances of success by improving your abilities in making intelligent choices, planning, preparation, and gaining insight. Start by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses in relation to becoming the owner and manager of your own business. Carefully consider each of the following questions:
Are you a self-starter? As the executive of your own company, it will be up to you to learn what we teach you, as well as staying abreast of current trends in the specialty coffee market. You must be able to organize your time and follow through on details. We will give you all the necessary tools; it is up to you to use them most efficiently.

How flexible are you? In this business, you will need to develop working relationships with a variety of people including customers, vendors, and many kinds of professionals. Do you have the necessary social skills? Can you deal with the demands and stay reliable and on top of situations as your business interests require it?

Can you make good decisions? Can you clearly recognize and define a challenge when one arises? Are you often satisfied with a quick easy answer, or do you prefer to think things through? Can you tell the difference between a situation and "the cause" of a situation?

Are you resilient enough? As with life in general, there will be easy days and there will be challenging days. Business ownership is by nature complex, and therefore requires a consistent level of optimism, stick-to-itiveness and emotional stamina.
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  How well do you plan and organize? All relevant research indicates that proper planning is responsible for superior business achievement. Good organizational skills - of financial records, inventory, schedules, and contracts - will be essential for your success.  

Consider Carefully:

— Owning your own business is exciting. It provides challenge and many opportunities for learning - every day is something different. Being responsible for your own company requires staying on your toes and stretching your abilities to the maximum. Some people genuinely thrive on this, do you?

— You will be your own boss. No one will tell you what to do each day. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. The freedom to do things your own way and implement plans governed by you alone can be quite exhilarating. Is this something that stimulates you? Are you ambitious enough?

— All your efforts directly benefit you. The more you put in, the more you get out and it should be vice-versa; your business should be something substantial enough to motivate you. Meeting your own targets can be a huge push to working harder and driving your business forward. How well can you set a goal and reach it?

— Earning, growth and respect from peers have far greater potential. If you run your business well, the rewards can be intense and the possibility of experiencing success very real. What kind of future do you want?


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Coffee Business Motivation


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Coffee Business Opportunity

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