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Coffee Business Opportunity
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Coffee Business - High Profit Margin

Each Cup of Coffee = Cash in YOUR Pocket

Guaranteed System:

Our high-profit system starts with a comprehensive marketing plan combined with proven prospecting and sales techniques. Then we take it a step further. We also give you access to the AROMA 5500, with such a remarkable high-profit margin that you are nearly guaranteed success. In order to reap the benefits all you have to do is "show and tell". The Aroma SUPER automatic espresso machine practically sells itself!

The delectable specialty coffee and gourmet treats that are served from the Aroma machine offer an extraordinary 300 percent markup. Your product cost is very low, only 15 to 25 cents per cup, and the average price to the office is 50 - 75 cents. The math is simple and the difference translates to more money in your pocket!

Coffee Business - Office Coffee Services
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How To Get Yours

Our business opportunity package includes training, website development, sales materials, equipment and products. There are no franchise fees, no royalties or other hidden expenses. You can start generating a profit from the very first day.

Your successful specialty coffee business can be developed into a machine that continues to channel profits to you even when you are not actually present.

By reinvesting in expansion, your income can grow exponentially to provide you with a secure future -- without the necessity of employees or extravagant overhead.

One of the great perks of your Office Coffee Services Master Distributorship is that you don't have to pioneer your own market. You don't have to convince anyone that gourmet coffee is the way of the future. Companies like the best coffee shops have already done that for you!

Now, literally millions of gourmet coffee drinkers have come to expect specialty coffee and gourmet espresso as a normal part of their everyday lives and are eager to pay the expected prices to obtain it.

With each cup of flavored coffee sold, from the moment you sell, lease, rent or place the Aroma equipment, you generate immediate income.

Read more about the many ways to promote the Aroma 5500:

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Coffee Business - High Profit Margin

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Coffee Business Opportunity

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