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Why Lease or Rent?

Leasing the Aroma specialty coffee machine is a positive consideration for many business owners. Leasing, instead of purchasing, can be a cost-effective option particularly if a prospect doesn't have the cash on hand, but needs or wants the advantages the Aroma has to offer.

In fact, leasing is a great idea even if a company does have the cash to invest. By leasing, a company can regulate cash flow more effectively, because they have predictable, regular monthly installments as opposed to a single lump sum payment. Plus, leasing can help a business avoid tying up lines of credit, or could use the money for another area of business.

For our current lease rates call us at: 1-855-834-8889

Every company has different needs, different cash flow patterns, and different and sometimes irregular streams of income. Often little cash and limited debt lines characterize startup companies. Mature companies have other needs - to keep debt free and to comply with debt covenants. Leasing has advantages for each situation.

It's an interesting fact: About 30 percent of all new equipment placed in service each year is leased rather than purchased through loans, and more than 80 percent of U. S. companies lease equipment. Leasing, once considered an alternative financial service, has now become the largest single source of funds to support the acquisition of equipment in the United States.

Benefits of Leasing and Rentals:

Conserves Operating Capital: This is the primary advantage to leasing. It eliminates a large, single expense that could drain your cash flow, freeing funds for other important needs such as inventory or high yield investments. You avoid costly down payments and with other advantages such as off-balance sheet financing, leasing helps you better manage your balance sheet. This allows you to take advantage of every opportunity for future success.

Makes Best Quality Affordable: The Aroma specialty coffee machine offers the highest dollar-to-value ratio of any coffee machine on the market today. Now leasing our Aroma specialty coffee machine eliminates any need to compromise on quality; you don't have to settle for inferior equipment, thus making what you want affordable now.

Builds Available Credit: Leasing keeps your credit open for future expansion or even for emergencies. You can get the equipment you need and want now without disturbing your bank credit lines. Even better, leasing allows you to build your credit rating, which will benefit your company's long-term goals. Also, by preserving your bank credit for other possible uses, you are literally expanding your already available credit.

Better than 100% Financing: Our Aroma lease will not just cover the cost of the coffee machine itself but also the installation, maintenance and employee training cost, conserving even more cash for your business. Practically any other financing requires a substantial down payment, deposit or compensating bank balance. We only require a first and last month's payment, so by leasing you can quickly acquire use of the Aroma equipment you want without major cash outlay.

Improves Cash Flow: You don't tie up your cash in equity. Not only does leasing free up existing capital, the leased Aroma automatic specialty coffee machine generates additional revenue while paying for itself. In this way, both cash and machines are working assets. With no cash tied up in the equipment, you have both assets continually working for you, which is especially important during times of high-inflation and other cost squeezes.

Easier Qualifying: Our Aroma coffee machine lease arrangements are usually more liberal than purchase loans. While a bank might require several years of business records before granting a loan, we evaluate your customers' credit history on shorter terms (6 months is fairly typical). This can be a significant advantage for a start-up business. Plus, leasing is much simpler than regular loans where red tape can delay the application and decision.

We also offer in-house lease programs. Give us a call at: 1-855-834-8889 to discuss your best options.

More Flexibility: Lease payments can be arranged to match your customers cash flow pattern. Upon expiration of your customers lease, arrangements can be made for renewal, purchase, or return of equipment. We will structure a lease plan to fit your situation and your specific requirements.

Offers Tax Advantages: Leasing almost always allows your customers to expense their equipment costs, meaning that the lease payments can be deducted as business expenses. In comparison, buying typically allows them to deduct a limited amount of equipment worth in the year it is purchased (as part of first-year expensing); anything above that amount gets depreciated over several years and so they might not be able to recoup the full expenditure. Rather than deal with depreciation schedules and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) problems, your customers simply make the lease payment and deduct it as a business expense.

Hedges Against Inflation: When your customers lease the Aroma, they pay for it as they use it. When they purchase, they pay in current dollars for future use of equipment. So, as inflation continues, leasing can help provide protection against future decrease in dollar value.

Allows Effortless Upgrades: Another great advantage to leasing is that when the lease runs out, your customers don't own the piece of equipment and upgrading is simple. Leasing allows you to offer new equipment every few years (along with all the accounting advantages). As an asset depreciates over time, leasing is certainly a worthwhile method for keeping up.

Costs More Accurately Projected: Your customers have known payments over a specified period. There are no depreciation figures to be questioned, no varying interest costs to be estimated. Leasing helps take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Circumvents Budget Restrictions: Budget restrictions preventing purchase of equipment or acquisition of fixed assets still may permit a workable lease arrangement. This may be true of branch operations of large companies, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and municipalities.

Displays Higher Net Worth: The equipment leasing option can improve your customers' financial statements and the net worth. Monthly payments on a lease are considered an expense, whereas a loan is considered a debt. The higher net worth from equipment leasing could be more attractive to other lenders or future buyers.

Any questions?

Give us a call today and find out the specific advantages leasing through Office Coffee Services can offer your customers!

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