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Coffee Business Opportunity
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A Coffee Business That Supports

Partnering = Mutual Benefit, Mutual Success!

To be perfectly honest, if we could do this entire business by ourselves, we would. We love our work, the Aroma specialty coffee machine is an incredible, entirely unique product, and we get to show it to fantastic people all day long - it sells itself! We get up each morning happy and eager in our work and are genuinely glad to be here. But there is just way too much work out there for us to do alone. We simply cannot be everywhere at once!

That's where YOU come in.

We need bright and enthusiastic, intelligent people to partner with us; people who can recognize this opportunity for what it is; who can share our vision and goals. We've already done the hard part. With ten years of proven performance behind us, we know this business better than anyone. Now, it's your turn!

Coffee Business - Office Coffee Services
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Why Together Is Better:

By forming a partnership, we both gain the capacity to achieve what may not be possible otherwise by either of us alone. Our forming a partnership provides us both with access to unique resources.

For our part, we provide you with our complete line of Aroma machines and specialty coffee products, our years of experience, a complete training program, leads, ongoing support, and perhaps most importantly, the enhanced capacity of being a part of our team effort. This can obviously be utilized to build your business, plus expand your personal capacity and develop affiliate personnel. We also provide you with access to relevant sales information, as well as expertise for consulting activities.

Office Coffee Services benefits from you through access to a larger area of exposure to commercial activities and facilities, and opportunities for expansion beyond our present reach. Our partnering offers the opportunity for both of us to profit in many ways, even beyond the obvious financial gains:
  • Can-do attitudes
• Commitment to mutual benefit
• Clear definition of needs and goals
• Stronger sense of purpose
• Alignment with the needs of another
• Careful nurturing of our agreements
• Relationships based on mutual respect and trust
• True collaboration and strong sense of cooperation
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  • Responsiveness (commitment, support & flexibility)
• Strong communication channels
• Comprehensive marketing
• Dissemination of results and successes
• Presence - physically being there
• Strong financial commitment
• Comprehensive but flexible contract
• Joint investment in projects
• Delegation of authority
• Initializing business structure
• Adequate resources to achieve objectives
• Assistance for key undertakings
• Regular analysis of performance
• Frequent meetings to ensure fulfillment
• Measurable performance indicators
• Encouragement to explore boundaries and to grow

Office Coffee Services is committed to an equitable agreement that we feel is critical for the future effectiveness and production of both sides. Our goal is to create partnerships with uniquely qualified individuals, and to be effective we must agree upon a truly collaborative approach. We believe we can best achieve our goals by working together rather than by either of us alone.

The first essential step we will take is in understanding our mutually beneficial goals and what we each expect from the other. Coordination and open communication, coupled with clearly articulated expectations, are the critical ingredients for our success together. Ultimately we both must be satisfied with the outcomes and obtain satisfactory returns on our investments. The measure of our performance should be quantifiable and meaningful.


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A Coffee Business That Supports


Office Coffee Services Coffee Business
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Aliso Viejo, California 92656

Coffee Business Opportunity

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